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So I'd like to point out something that seems to annoy the hell out of me and that is this; What the hell is wrong with Harry flipping Potter?!

Now mind you, I love the series and will never hate it, but there seem to be some things I'd like to point out that irked me a bit going through the series, and especially the ending, so with that said, I'm gonna go over them here and now!

Bullet Blue #1: Why did they take Harry to the Dursleys?

First off, we know for a fact that if anything, Harry hated his time there and did not wish to be there at all, including the fact that they hated magic! So why send a magical child to such a bad place? Seriously, he lived in a bloody broom closet and never told a thing that involved his parents or his true heritage. Now I know moldy wart would try something, but what can he do? He's literally attached to some dudes head! And their is my other point.

Bullet Orange #2: How come no one informed him of these things? Seriously, they could have had a damn plan made for this instance, and even more so, been more prepared to deal this these threats when the time came, but even more so, why is it so hard for them to not tell him in the first place, I mean, doesn't it seem a bit I dunno IMPORTANT to know that someones out to kill you?!

Pink Purple And Blue Bullet #3: Why the hell didn't Dumbledore testify for Sirius when he was thrown in Azkaban? The guy didn't do anything, heck give him a potion that makes him tell the truth! You'd have your answer then!!!

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! And #4: Why did Harry pair up with Ginny? She barely helped out throughout the series! And please don't mention the stupid remarks about her not being around, because she could've talked more with Harry, and seriously, Why wasn't he with Hermione? Their actually was some freaking build-up there, and if not her then what about Luna, or hell, even Daphne!?!

J.K. Rowling, I like your books but the ending in my opinion should've been different!
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