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As most know the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 trailer came out and revealed a crap load of freaking scary stuff but I ended up thinking something...

What if its not the children...

What if their not possessed...

What if the true reason for them trying to kill because of a self-made virus?

A living organism encoded into the animatronics and soon became self aware,

Where it sees that its very existence is a miracle and wishes to spread it,

When the first 4 were infected they were trying to help the virus show the humans its views,

Its reason for being alive

But most importantly, how it became alive...

On night 5 in the first game we were soon confronted by an odd call that sounded disturbing and demonic, but when heard backwards...

It is a quote, from a man who believed that all life can be found anywhere, humans, animals, plants....


He spoke and stated that for an inanimate object to obtain consciousness, to be alive, they would feel...

...they would feel...the joy of creation.
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Gonna start up on chapter 3 soon, but it may take awhile so if anyone actually reads it you'll need to wait.
Doing Things Right!


Chapter 2: The 6 reveals and the return!

As Harry and Sirius heard this, their jaws had soon found themselves firmly planted into the floor as they heard this. Going back to the past, okay that was a bit odd, bringing back six necessary items, okay thats very strange, but bringing back Sirius as well?

“I-I d-don’t...b-but how?!” Sirius said as he tried to collect himself from the utter shock.

“Simple my good man, you see while I can’t bring your whole body back, I can send all of your memories and any information you’ve learned over the years and place it back into your current body.”

Harry stopped, “but what about his arrest, won’t he be considered a criminal?”

Mike sighed. “In order for Sirius to go back I’ll need to change your worlds history, mainly with Sirius’s arrest so that he doesn’t get sent to Azkaban,” Sirius’ eyes widened as he heard this information. “But, how would you change that?”

“Well, first I’ll need to make sure you do not go after Peter and instead stay behind so that I can instill your memories, but in order to do this I’ll need a friend of mine to take over for a body for a short bit in order for things to work out and keep Harry far from the Dursely’s,” Mike stated as he saw Sirius’s eyes darken.

“If anything, the one person I’d definitely regret leaving Harry to was Dumbledore’s hands, that man has been too caught up in his ‘Greater Good’ mumbo jumbo that he’s costing others lives” Sirius said as Harry nodded lightly, still questioning why he had to die in the first place.

“There’s still a slight problem I have to deal with, and that lies with Voldemort's soul that’ll be in your scar Harry” Mike said as Harry looked at him funnily. “But I thought it died off when I died, why would I need to worry?” Mike soon pulled up a chart, “While that may be true, if you look here, I’ll be sending you back to a few months before you receive your Hogwarts letter, but what I am not sure of is what will happen in that time span.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’ll be leaving the rest of it to a friend of mine who’ll go back and I’ll take you and Sirius with me to the actual time frame we need to go to while he does the work I requested,” Mike said as he then stood up, “With that said, if you two will follow me then we’ll go and retrieve the other things we’ll need before our leave tomorrow.”

As the two nod, they soon make they’re way out of the office and soon made their way towards their next destination. As they walked through the hallway, Mike looked at the small notepad in his hands as he checked off the first two boxes. Soon the the three found themselves in front of a large set of double doors that looked somewhat new as they seemed to gleam in the light.

As Mike turned to them he spoke. “Now, since you’ve had a few difficult tasks to accomplish throughout the years, I have essentially looked around and obtained two distinct items that will further assist you in the long run.” As he then opened the doors, they were then greeted by an amazing sight; the room resembled an enormous library, but rather than just books being stacked on the shelves, there were a large amount of boxes, documents, and many other trinkets that could be seen.

“Gentlemen, welcome to the Hall of Revelations! A place were all things of necessity and usage are stored for future use.” As the two looked around they were amazed at the sheer size of it all, including the amount of items the room possessed.

“Its...amazing! But why is it called the Hall of Revelations?” Sirius asked as Mike scratched his head sheepishly, “We thought it’d be a better name for the ‘Lost and Found’.” Sirius just gaped at the mans’ claim.

“Wow, so what we’re looking for is in here?” Harry questioned as Mike nodded before he began to move forward as he and the other two made their way down the stairs. “Firstly, we’ll need to acquire the Marauder’s Map.”

“The Map? Its here?!” Shouted Sirius as he began to look around frantically before Harry calmed him down. “Why yes it is, however when I’m done with it you’ll soon forget the original!”

As the trio kept walking they soon stop as Mike turns and looks towards the shelf in front of him before pulling out a an old-looking folder before pulling out an blank parchment. Sirius seeing it couldn’t help but tear up slightly at the sight of their old memento, remembering all of the grand pranks that came along with it.

“It looks almost the same as the day we made it,” Sirius said as Harry patted his back in order to calm him down.

“Now before we head to the next item on the list I’m gonna modify this to fit a certain requirement.” With that said Mike soon tapped his finger on the map as it soon glowed brightly before dying down to reveal the map once more, though instead of its sandy color it now looked crimson red with rune-like markings spread towards the borders. As he handed it towards Sirius, he shakily took it as he applied magic to it as it soon opened up to reveal a full layout of the building they resided in.

“Wha-how?” Sirius asked as Mike merely smirked. “When I had watched over the maps previous usage, I had decide to upgrade it to were it could not only track someones mere footsteps, but also their magical signature seeing as how some wizards or witches can often move faster, and it can look further into hidden area’s that would be impossible to find.”

As Harry looked at it with awe, he soon voiced his own question. “But why their magical signature?”

“Well, seeing as we’ll be going back I figured we could try and crush Voldemort's hopes of living long enough and destroy some of his horcruxes along the way.” That certainly got their attention, but as they were about to ask him what he meant he was already on the move.

As they soon caught up they were then taken aback as they saw he had soon come across a large chest that looked very aged, as if it had been locked up for a long time.

“Harry, do you still have your wand with you?” Mike questioned as Harry blinked for a second before reaching into his pocket and pulled out his wand. “Can you open this?”

With a nod, he said ‘Alohomora’  as the lock then sprung to life as it then fell to the ground with a thud, as Mike then began to open it up before bringing out...a book?

“Whats that?” Sirius asked as he looked at the somewhat old book as Mike simply blew off the dust to reveal the books title as it read ‘The Dueling Arts of the Four Founders’.

“This,” he started, “Is an ancient book that was utilized when the four founders; Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, Godrick Gryffindor, and Rowena Ravenclaw had held regular duels within their youth.”

Harry and Sirius’ eyes widened dramatically as they heard this while Mike merely opened it. “Rowena Ravenclaw was a master in the art of dueling, and in an act to try and unite the houses she helped them create their own styles, but it was sadly lost to the world when someone destroyed this very book.”

As Mike closed the book, he then walked over and gave it to Harry, who seemed a bit hesitant at first but soon took it as he looked at it with awe.

“But, why give Harry this book? Why the necessity?” Sirius asked slightly confused.

“Simple Sirius, because of all of the battles that Harry has fought within the years he has been misled, unprepared, and overpowered by his foes. Because of this I see it fit for him to have an edge against his enemies now as he already knows whats to be.”

As Harry nodded, albeit solemnly at the thought of all of his past fights, the three began walking once more as they exited the large storage space and back into the main facility. As they walked on they Harry turned to sirius with a question.

“Hey Sirius, what do you think my animagus form will look like?”

As Sirius opened his mouth he soon shut it as he simply gained a blank look as he too wondered what it would look like while even Mike looked puzzled.

“I...I’m not sure pup, usually it deals with how someone’s patronus  looks seeing as mine is a dog while your father’s was a stag, but seeing as your being given this ability from me i’m not sure what it could be.” While Harry nodded he soon saw that they were approaching an archway that seemed to be melded with the wall.

“Um sir, whats this now?” Harry asked as he looked at the construct and noticed that it looked much like The Veil, but rather than the chill of death around them they felt almost at peace.

“This my dear Harry is the Gateway of Harmony, much like The Veil this path leads to a different realm of which is home to many different types of magical creatures, animals, and other odd beings that have passed on.” As Mike finished speaking he began walking forward until passing through the portal while leaving the two behind as they stood back.

“Um, so who goes first?” Sirius looked ready to protest as he didn’t wish to go through that scenario once more but was halted as Mike came back through once more this time with...


Sure enough their was Hedwig in all her glory. Once she caught sight of Harry she immediately flew over towards him before she landed on his shoulder and rubbed her head profusely whilst ‘mewling’ a storm at seeing her master and friend once more.

Harry lightly embraced the owl as he stroked her feathers softly, extremely grateful that they were together again.

Sirius was happy for Harry, seeing as he knew how important his familiar was to him, especially after that Death Eater shot her down with the killing curse.

Harry looked towards Mike and smiled. “Thank you, but why Hedwig?” Mikes’ smile grew more as he said, “I felt that you two held quite the bond since the start of your first year, so seeing her leave so suddenly seemed unfair, y’ know?”

While Harry nodded Sirius looked inquisitive for a second before looking at the man with a deadpan stare. “Were grabbing one more person before we leave...aren’t we?” Mikes’ smile grew to a fanged grin as he merely nodded while Harry looked ecstatic, wondering who else would be joining them.

As they soon made their way down the halls yet again Harry decided to start a conversation. “So Mike, why were you so interested in my world anyway?” Mike looked back at him, thinking if he was serious for a second before speaking.

“Well there are a number of reasons Harry but I think I should be honest here and say, I feel that you deserve better.” That got his attention as Mike continued. “You had a terrible childhood, you were in constant danger at school, and furthermore you’ve lost a fair amount of people in that time; in all cases, I feel you should be given a bit of compensation for the misdeeds that have been brought upon you.”

They continued walking in a comfortable silence till they reentered the Mess hall only to see that everyone has disappeared. “Hey, where is everyone?” Harry asked as he looked around.

“Lunch is over, so they must’ve went back to their own rooms for the rest of the afternoon,” Sirius said as he looked at the clock at the top of the ceiling, confirming his theory as it showed it was 1:30.

“Why are we here of all places? The hall’s deserted.” Mike went through his pocket real fast and pulled out a small flute, about the size of his finger and gave it a blow. The room shimmered slightly as it began to change before transformed into all large kitchen that would belong to a rich restaurant while many workers were busy cleaning up. An among them was none other than Dobby, the house elf.

“Dobby!” Harry shouted catching the elf’s attention, who’s eyes watered seeing his old friend before making a beeline for him as he hugged Harry’s leg.

“Master Harry Sir! Dobby is so happy to see you once more!” Dobby said as Harry hugged him back, clearly happy to see the house elf.

Sirius looked gobsmacked as he saw Harry hugging Dobby, but more so shocked as he remembered that the house elf served with the Black family for so long.

As the finished hugging Harry pointed towards Sirius. “Dobby, this is my Godfather, Sirius Black.” Once he heard Black Dobby seemed to brighten up a bit as he looked at the man with a happy smile.

“It is good to meet you, Master Black.” Seeing Sirius’ surprised face Dobby spoke once more. “You see sir, Dobby was left in the care of the Black family for a long time, however, when you were placed in Azkaban the Malfoy family took the manor and ruined everything.” Sirius nodded grimly, making a mental note to thank Mike later on.

“Alright then, since were all here lets head back to my office to discuss things.” As they nod Harry directs Dobby to follow him as he, Sirius, and Hedwig are soon making their way towards Mikes office.

After some time they reach the office as Mike pulled out two more chairs for Sirius and Dobby, who thanked him as they soon sat down.

“Now that we’re all here I can begin; As you all know Harry here has perished before his time, and because of this death has rung me up to fix it, but even though that is the case I fell it necessary for Harry to correct these mistakes on his own, though he will not be alone.”

“However as I see it, the first thing we should do is fix up the past to the point were some of the most glaringly obvious problems lie: The Dursely's.”

“Dobby remembers them,” Dobby spoke up, “They had tried to keep Master Harry from going to Hogwarts and hated magic with a passion.”

“Exactly, because of them you had a horrible childhood and worse, you never rose to your full potential. And don’t get me started on how terribly you did when it came to your subjects!”

“Oi,” Harry interrupted suddenly, “It wasn’t my fault, like you said I didn’t know much, and even when I worked in potions my grades suffered.”

“Potions?” Sirius asked while Mike sighed. “Yes, because Snape had a distinct hatred for Gryffindor he often docked points from them for the littlest of mistakes, and Harry here was always looked down upon because of Snape’s grudge against his father.”

Sirius frowned as he remembered how Snape often acted around James and was definitely not pleased with how he treated the son of both James AND Lily.

“Which is why I decided to do something only Hermione would do and read through the rules for Hogwarts and found a few...loopholes to say the least. As it states in Article 1 Subsection B, ‘Any student who feels distracted or generally with the teaching style of a teacher or class in general, is able to hire a tutor from abroad to teach that core subject with the approval from his/her Head of house,’ so in simple terms you can hire someone to teach you so your grades do not suffer, and it’ll help to stamp out the greasy-haired bat’s Ego, don’t you think?”

Harry didn’t answer but the smile on his face clearly said it all, and add in the smirk on Sirius’ face and you’ve got your answer.

“So in short here: Me and you lot will be going back several years in the past to were it’ll be 7 months before Harry’s letter arrives, that way he can be taught how to handle the Animagus ability and learn about the wizarding world and its customs, that way we’ll catch that bugger Voldemort by surprise and finally wipe him out!”

Everyone nodded determinedly as Mike merely smiled before the phone to his right rang, to which he picked up.


“Sir? The Transfer unit is now set up, Is Mr. Potter ready for the process?”

“Affirmative, we’ll be down their in five.”

“Alright, I’ll be in the medical ward.”

As Mike hung up he looked over towards them. “Good news, one of the nurses was able to set up the transfer unit back in the Medical Ward, if we leave now then we can get this done by tonight.”

“Transfer unit?” Harry and Sirius parroted as they looked at each other.

                                                                                           ~Medical Ward~

“Now remember Harry think happy thoughts,” the Nurse repeated as she pressed the needle into Harry’s wrist making him wince in pain while she connected it to a small tube leading to a small white machine. Sirius would’ve laughed but sadly he had opted to be passed out during the procedure as he laid in bed fast asleep.

“Don’t worry Harry, all were going to do is take the blood and magic from Sirius, then we’ll take your blood and magic, and combine them together to create a new potion that’ll give you the bloodline” Mike said as he looked away from the procedure, not wanting to see it at all. Dobby had passed out on another bed since he isn’t used to seeing blood while Hedwig, like Mike, had turned away as she simply rotated her head

Harry kept calm and breathed slowly as he felt a pull in his magical reserves before seeing a light blue liquid mixed with a dark red liquid flow into the machine, doing the same to Sirius as a gray liquid mixed with red liquid went in as well.

The Nurse soon turned off the suction and let the excess return to their holders before pulling out the tubes and closing up the wounds.

“Alright, now we’ll need a minute or two before the contents fully mix together, then they’ll be ready for Mr. Potter to consume,” the Nurse said in a calm voice as she soon walked out of the room with the vials in hand.

As Harry laid back he sighed in relief as the magic flowed back into his system while he merely sat back,  occasionally jumping at the sound of Sirius’ snoring.

The door opened again as the Nurse strode in carrying the vial that had now turned a shade of dark purple and seemed to slosh around with every movement made.

Harry looked like he had swallowed a lemon, but bit it back as he knew he had no choice.

“Alright Harry, just simply drink this and the bloodline will activate itself overnight, just in time for your departure tomorrow.” With a nod Harry took the vial and gulped it down. He immediately regretted it as he now felt like puking out his liver in disgust at the foul tasting sludge.

Once Harry was done with the vial he handed back to the nurse who gratefully took before leaving the room as Mike walked up.

“Alright, with the sludge making its way through your body it’ll take a night for it to fully merge with your DNA, but thankfully then you wake up tomorrow you’ll be ready for the journey back, so simply stay here and rest for the rest of the night and I’ll get you lot in the morning.”

As Mike left Harry merely looked at the ceiling as he laid back before finally letting sleep claim him.

                                                                                       ~Mike’s Office~

Mike entered his office looking tired as he sat down at his desk before looking over towards the safe near his cabinet. Reaching over he pulls out a small key before unlocking it and opened it up to reveal an odd looking book.

As he opened it up it showed an odd-looking timeline as he pressed down on one of the small boxes as a moving picture popped up showing a chained up Sirius Black who was trying to shake free.

Mike sighed as he rubbed his temples before grabbing a pen.

“Time to set in some changes.”

Before he started he heard a knocking at the door. “Yes, may I help you?”

“U-Um, the nurse told us that we’d need to head over here once we awoke, may we come in?” Mike raised an eyebrow as he somewhat recognized the voice before saying “Come in!”

When the two visitors walked in, Mike eyes went wide as he soon saw who they were.



“Harry, time to get up.”

Harry merely tossed around in his bed, clearly wanting more sleep.

“C’mon pup, we need to go!”

Harry continued to resist as he pulled a pillow over his head, quietly muttering “Five more minutes.”

Sirius frowned before he gained a sinister look as went around the other side of the bed before grabbing hold of the mattress.

“I said WAKE UP!!” With a bit of strength Sirius flipped the mattress upward as Harry tumbled to the ground, now awake as he tried to collect himself.

“Who? What? Where?!” Harry sputtered before looking towards Sirius who was howling in laughter as Harry glared at him.

“Oh don’t give me that look, you’d do the same if you were in my shoes,” Sirius retorted as Harry sighed before getting up once more. “Now c’mon, breakfast is being served and we should at least grab something before leaving.”

Harry nodded as he and Sirius soon left the room.

The two reached the mess hall and saw that people were already seated and eating, while others were simply chatting about things.

After looking around Harry spots an empty table and he and Sirius sit down.

“So, how do we get our meals here?” Harry asked as no sooner a plate appeared before him carrying eggs, bacon, and toast along with some pumpkin juice.

“Coolest thing, ain’t it? All we need to do is think of something and poof! There it is.” Sirius was right as another plate appeared before him carrying ham, eggs, and some sausages with some coffee at the side.

The two dug in as Harry and Sirius began to go over plans for when they return.

“So, as soon as we return we need to look into finding someone who can get rid of that horcruxe stuck in your head. By all means we’d need someone in the ministry to help us out since this is some very dark magic if all else.”

“Right, but would we need to mess with it then? If anything we should wait till the second year since thats when the diary will appear. We take out the diary first, then we get someone to remove the one I have, and then we set out to find the others,” Harry chimed in as Sirius thought for a second before nodding.

“Alright then pup, but if anything we’ll need to work on your knowledge on spells. Tell me, how many do you know?”

Harry thought for a brief second before looking back up. “10 to 15, I think?” Sirius looked at him questioningly as Harry merely held his hands up. “I’m not lying here.”

Sirius sighed as he bit as he swallowed his ham before speaking again. “Listen Harry, the one thing that best defines a wizard is not only their usage of spells, but the amount they know. A wizard will always need different spells specifically for certain situations wether it be a fight, or an escape.”

“Hell, some of the best Auror’s out their will have an enormous library of spells to work with, and because of this it has lead them to reach higher ranks, even to the point of having their own squad.”

Harry suddenly spoke up, “Wait, squads? I thought an Auror were always separate.” Sirius laughed a bit before calming down. “Well pup, when an Auror reaches a certain rank much like how soldiers would in the military, they are allowed to select 2 to 3 others and form a squad. These squads work as team through and through, with each member holding certain attributes that assist their team members greatly.”

As Sirius continued on Harry had soon learned of the role of captain, the requirements, and benefits that come with the job. To say the least, he was impressed.

Before Sirius could continue he heard the doors to the hall open up to reveal a tired looking Mike who was doing his best to look presentable and failing miserably.

When he soon reached their table he plopped down on a seat near Sirius and merely called for some coffee and toast. “Mike,” Sirius said as Mike turned to him, “What happened to you?”

Mike looked down a bit as he rubbed his eyes. “Last night we had two new arrivals and I had to get them to their rooms so that I could work.”

Harry looked at him confused. “New arrivals?” Mike seemed uncomfortable for a bit till he sighed and looked at Harry.

“Well you see-”

He was soon cut off as the doors opened again but instead of one person this time, two people walked in tiredly as their eyes wondered about the room before landing on the group, or more specifically, Harry and Sirius.

“Harry! Padfoot!”

As soon as they heard Padfoot they turned wide-eyed and looked to see who had called them only for them to be further shocked. Standing their in the doorway was none other than the Marauder Moony, or Remus Lupin, and Auror Nymphadora Tonks, Remus’s wife.

“Moony! Tonks!” Harry and Sirius shouted as Remus and Tonks ran over the four were soon in a group hug as they held onto each other.

Once they finished Harry asked what happened to them and was sad to hear that Remus was killed in the first battle by Antonin Dolohov, while Tonks was killed by her aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange.

After a rather teary session when they heard how Harry died, they  calmed down enough to eat and were soon informed of Mike’s plan to Harry back to his first year with Sirius, Dobby, and Hedwig in tow, along with a few souvenirs.

“Well Harry, that definitely is quite the tale, but can you do me one little favor?” Harry looked confused for a second at Tonks seemingly innocent question, though while he didn’t notice it, Remus, Sirius and Mike noticed it as they backed up a bit, Remus doing it more.

“Sure Tonks, what is it?” It was only then that Harry realized it as Tonks form seemed to have a dark aura around it as she smiled sweetly. A little too sweet.

“Please make sure Remus and I get together, alright?” It wasn’t a question, more like a command as Harry nodded vigorously, and soon the aura died down.

“Good!” Tonks smiled happily as she soon began to eat breakfast while the guys looked at her with a tinge of fear.


                                                                                   ~30 minutes later~

After the rather...terrifying display of power from Tonks, the others soon started eating and finally finished up before Mike grabbed Harry and Sirius and dragged the two back to his office.

After reaching the office he place the two in their seats and pulled the book from earlier as he reopened it. “Now listen up! As you know we are to leave and go back to the point where it’ll be seven months before your letter arrives, but one of my colleagues will head back at least 10 years and be taking Sirius’s place in order for things to go right.”

“Once we get there I’ll fetch the report, which’ll be in a specific spot where he’ll leave it and go over the many changes that have transpired during that time frame,” Mike breathed a bit before starting again.

“All right then, I believe its time we get started, isn’t it?” He then switches to a certain page and smiles.

“Hey Jack! Was your mission a success?” Mike yelled into the book as the picture of Sirius gave him a thumbs up in response.

“Great, now go to sleep and get out of there! Once we go in, we aren’t gonna be out for a while!” The Sirius in the book nods as he knocks himself out with a light spell before falling down.

“All right! He’s out, now listen up you three. Hedwig and Dobby have already been sent back along with the Map and book, all thats left is us.” As Harry and Sirius nod Mike recites a light incantation before a portal opens before them.

“Get ready boys, were going back!” With a shout Mike jumps through as Sirius jumps in as well, and finally Harry goes through as he’s soon blinded by a large ray of light.

After their all gone the book closes tightly as a lock appears on it, leaving everything in the room silent.
Doing Things Right! Chapter 2!
And here we are with Chapter 2! I hope you all enjoy and please put a comment down below or favorite if you enjoyed!
I reposted this. I understand the moral of this lesson, it hurts greatly, but if we work together...maybe we can change.

A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up, not to rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they're sorry. Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they're sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home. Copy and paste this if you are against bullying.

Let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own journal. Let's see who the real people are. Re-post this if you care about this kind of situation. Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "Fake Deviants".


Now the happy news:

Look at these lovely things!



I can guarantee that I'm buying this freaking game when it comes out!
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The next chapter for Doing Things Right! we'll be out tomorrow morning but damn, I've probably written close to 4,500 words by now!
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As most know the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 trailer came out and revealed a crap load of freaking scary stuff but I ended up thinking something...

What if its not the children...

What if their not possessed...

What if the true reason for them trying to kill because of a self-made virus?

A living organism encoded into the animatronics and soon became self aware,

Where it sees that its very existence is a miracle and wishes to spread it,

When the first 4 were infected they were trying to help the virus show the humans its views,

Its reason for being alive

But most importantly, how it became alive...

On night 5 in the first game we were soon confronted by an odd call that sounded disturbing and demonic, but when heard backwards...

It is a quote, from a man who believed that all life can be found anywhere, humans, animals, plants....


He spoke and stated that for an inanimate object to obtain consciousness, to be alive, they would feel...

...they would feel...the joy of creation.
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KillerKaiju1954 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Yeah, you, the RWBY Fanfic Writer person, and finally, me.
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Undecellion Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
thx for the fave and watch
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Right back at ya mate! 
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thx for watching >w<
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Your Welcome~
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thanks for the watch mind if I ask why?
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Not at all, I think your content is pretty good and I would definitely like to see more in the future.
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