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Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger! by KillerKaiju1954 Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger! :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 1 0 Ninja Sentai Kakuranger! by KillerKaiju1954 Ninja Sentai Kakuranger! :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 2 0 Kamen Rider Gaim/Kamen Rider Drive Movie drawing by KillerKaiju1954 Kamen Rider Gaim/Kamen Rider Drive Movie drawing :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 3 0 Kamen Rider Drive: Type Tridoron by KillerKaiju1954 Kamen Rider Drive: Type Tridoron :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 17 14 The Burning Desire by KillerKaiju1954 The Burning Desire :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 6 0 The Beast of the Void by KillerKaiju1954 The Beast of the Void :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 5 3 The Mage of Fire by KillerKaiju1954 The Mage of Fire :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 4 0 Random Drawing by KillerKaiju1954 Random Drawing :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 1 0 Happy New Years, Everyone!!! by KillerKaiju1954 Happy New Years, Everyone!!! :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 0 0 Am I proud? by KillerKaiju1954 Am I proud? :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 1 0 Kamen Rider Drive Driver by KillerKaiju1954 Kamen Rider Drive Driver :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 1 0
Doing Things Right! Chapter 2!
Doing Things Right!
Chapter 2: The 6 reveals and the return!
As Harry and Sirius heard this, their jaws had soon found themselves firmly planted into the floor as they heard this. Going back to the past, okay that was a bit odd, bringing back six necessary items, okay thats very strange, but bringing back Sirius as well?
“I-I d-don’t...b-but how?!” Sirius said as he tried to collect himself from the utter shock.
“Simple my good man, you see while I can’t bring your whole body back, I can send all of your memories and any information you’ve learned over the years and place it back into your current body.”
Harry stopped, “but what about his arrest, won’t he be considered a criminal?”
Mike sighed. “In order for Sirius to go back I’ll need to change your worlds history, mainly with Sirius’s arrest so that he doesn’t get sent to Azkaban,” Sirius
:iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 2 0
Doing things Right! Chapter 1!
Chapter 1: Welcome to Limbo!
(Attention: the following is a story based on my imagination and thoughts on a ‘What would happen?’ question, if you enjoy, thanks, if you don’t, then thank you for at least giving it a try.)
“Avada Kedavra!”
In a flash, a sickly green beam of magic impacted into Harry, as he soon fell to ground. Voldemort clutched his chest and heaved, in pain as a part of his soul had now been destroyed once more.
As Harry laid there, before he died he hoped that things would end here. That maybe something will keep the Dark lord at bay before he is defeated at last.
However, there is one simple answer to that request: NOPE!!
:iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 2 0
Too Close
I was sweating, looking into the small screen of the tablet in my lap at the moment. They were all gone, Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, just gone!
I had just looked at the tablet after Foxy went back to Pirate’s Cove, to make sure it had left for good after it tried to run in here.
And when I looked back to the main stage their all missing.
I immediately began searching, before anything else happens!
“Back stage: no, Dining area: no, Restrooms: n-” I stopped as my breath hitched.
I stared into the dark room and saw a pair of white pupils looking at me, and soon made out the figure.
“Freddy...” I said hollowly as I soon heard rustling, pipes moving.
I switched monitors and found Bonnie, right at the end of the hallway, his silhouette shown in the light. I checked the time, seeing how far I’ve gotten.
3:00 AM
I wanted to scream as time had barely passed, but kept myself composed, and soon checked for Chica.
Not finding her I frown before my eyes widened.
:iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 10 0
Kamen Rider Gaim Headshot by KillerKaiju1954 Kamen Rider Gaim Headshot :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 2 0 Skeletal Shamen by KillerKaiju1954 Skeletal Shamen :iconkillerkaiju1954:KillerKaiju1954 2 3


Pirates VS Seamonsters: The Man-Eater by Hellraptor Pirates VS Seamonsters: The Man-Eater :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 218 42 House Spider 11 by oobidoobi House Spider 11 :iconoobidoobi:oobidoobi 119 111 Dominus Ghaul by Gary-Q Dominus Ghaul :icongary-q:Gary-Q 34 10 JobbytheHong Official Logo by JobbytheHong JobbytheHong Official Logo :iconjobbythehong:JobbytheHong 57 3 Ask Airalin Q51-53 by RakkuGuy Ask Airalin Q51-53 :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 2,324 470 Crossover Promo Print by kaijuverse Crossover Promo Print :iconkaijuverse:kaijuverse 27 28 Commission: Plague (line progression) by Gabe-TKE Commission: Plague (line progression) :icongabe-tke:Gabe-TKE 54 14 King(Emperor)Ghidorah by MonsterKingOfKarmen King(Emperor)Ghidorah :iconmonsterkingofkarmen:MonsterKingOfKarmen 68 16 Machinesaurer! by KaijuSamurai Machinesaurer! :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 379 30 Hex Maniac BOOty by LiveForTheFunk
Mature content
Hex Maniac BOOty :iconliveforthefunk:LiveForTheFunk 1,297 43
What has Krinkels even been up to lately?
EDIT: Special thank you to the generous anon that gave me the DA core membership for the year!
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been updating my Deviantart account much lately. Project Nexus 2 has been taking up pretty much my entire workload lately, and it's not for nothing; the game's development is coming along better than I could have hoped! I'm sailing through the production of assets that will be utilized in the game's Story Mode, which entails six overworld 'sectors' that can be explored and from which the missions themselves can be accessed. Residential rooftops, zombie crawls through the streets, an industrial factory area, an abandoned commercial district with asylums built in behind the cover of malls and boutiques, sewers, a mining sector, and of course the Nexus Tower itself. I'm about 3/5 the way through asset production, and swain is coming up and wiring life into the stages I've set, we're really hoping that we can get it all done before this year is out!
:iconkrinkels-r909:Krinkels-R909 10 29
Time to pay the Piper by KobOneArt Time to pay the Piper :iconkoboneart:KobOneArt 65 4 Erma Update- The Special Guests by BJSinc Erma Update- The Special Guests :iconbjsinc:BJSinc 239 38 Commission : A Drunken Arcwitch Marriage by KegiSpringfield
Mature content
Commission : A Drunken Arcwitch Marriage :iconkegispringfield:KegiSpringfield 164 33
trickyEverything by Krinkels-R909 trickyEverything :iconkrinkels-r909:Krinkels-R909 75 27 I dig the front scruff by DabroodThompson I dig the front scruff :icondabroodthompson:DabroodThompson 41 10


by Aslan1

Heh heh, I won't lie when I say I've often thought about how this type of scenario would go down, but MAN is this a perfect way to summarize it! The styles not bad, though the armor looks a tad bit bulky but I can easily get over that, but the marine himself is what I can't help but laugh at. He was...

Sweet-freaking-LORD! This by far is the best interpretation of Rodan I have ever seen! While most often refer to his old model, you've managed to give the Kaiju a more realistic, and, TERRIFYING appearance! It actually looks like a pteradon, as to how its originally looked, but it still keeps to the...

Whelp, there goes the city! From what I see you tried to pull off of a battle royal among a few of the possible CKC monsters and in short: Extraordinary! It possesses the unique fighting of not an all out battle but a battle that is fought monster on monster, and when the first two monsters go down ...

A four-way death match between a ninja gecko, an undead croc, a kaiju samurai, and a metallic turtle! This is truly the definition of the Colossal Kaiju Combat, a game that pits you against the worlds most feared beast's, and in it itself you become one of them, using new attacks, moves, and even al...




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